Item Coversheet

Casey Brunke P.E., City Engineer

Cape Girardeau City Council

15- 003

BILL NO. 15-07, a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with SAK Construction, LLC, for Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation Project 2014, by the CIPP method, in the City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Reading Passage.    


The project calls for the contractor to furnish and install cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining for approximately 100 sanitary sewer line segments and 3 storm pipe segments.  The work includes reinstatement of service laterals on the sanitary sewer lines, along with some repairs by excavation method.  Approximately 25,000 linear feet of eight (8) inch to twenty-four (24) inch pipe will be rehabilitated. The affected segments are in various locations within the City.  

The City is concerned with eliminating groundwater and storm water from entering the wastewater collection and treatment system which, in the past, had caused bypassing of both along with sewerage into the Mississippi River.  Federal and State governments mandated this pollution be stopped and are participating in the cost through State Revolving Loans.  The City recently put a new wastewater treatment facility on line and is addressing the sanitary sewer collection system by rehabilitating older collection system piping. 

Three sections of storm piping under the floodwall where found to have bad joints and the City decided to use this contract to get a decent liner price; these storm pipes repairs were bid as Alternate Bid A.

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. was hired to assess and identify inflow/infiltration sources and pipe line defects and prepare detailed bid documents for competitive bidding.  The Notice to Bid was publicly advertised and bids taken on November 20, 2014.  Three (3) contractors responded; one of them was unresponsive.  The low bid was submitted by SAK Construction LLC in the amount of $ 1,065,111.50 which is under the Engineer's Estimate of $ 1,316,316.00.        

Funding for the sanitary sewer system portion is being provided by State Revolving Loans and are to be repaid by the City's Sewer Fund.  The alternate bid for the storm sewer portion is being funded by the Parks and Storm Water Sales Tax. 

Sanitary sewer collection system upgrades will reduce the inflow and infiltration of groundwater and storm water from entering the sanitary sewer system including into the wastewater treatment plant.  Less volume into the plant reduces the treatment cost.  This upgrade allows the City to comply with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources mandate to cease bypassing and polluting Missouri streams and eliminates the possible assessment of heavy daily fines for failure to do so.    

Staff recommends that the City Council, by motion, pass and approve the attached Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a contract with SAK Construction LLC for the sanitary sewer system rehabilitation project 2014. 

Presentations were made to the public through addresses to various service clubs, agencies, and Council meetings.  In addition, articles and interviews were printed in the local newspaper concerning the need to upgrade the entire sanitary sewer collection and treatment system and before elections to approve the issuance of wastewater sewer bonds.   
Sanitary_Sewer_Rehab_-_SAK_Construction.docSAK Construction-Sanitary Sewer Rehab Resolution
Scan_Agrmt_with_SAK_Const_unsigned.pdfAgreement with SAK Construction
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